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Conservative Organization Unleashes New Ad Against Senator John Tester’s Terrible Immigration Record

A conservative group has now allocated a substantial $15 million towards an advertising campaign that aims to criticize Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) for his stance on immigration.

The campaign specifically focuses on his views regarding the border wall, sanctuary cities, and amnesty for undocumented immigrants.

One Nation, a group aligned with Senate GOP leadership, made the ad buy.

“Tell Sen. Tester, stop supporting Biden’s border disaster,” the ad says, before going on to claim that the Democrat Senator “voted repeatedly to fund sanctuary cities like New York,” and also criticized his support for more amnesty.

The advertisement also urges Tester to back Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) Secure The Border Act, which aims to resume construction on the border wall and reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy.

In a recent statement, One Nation President Steve Law once again criticized Tester’s record on immigration.

A significant amount of funding, totaling $27 million, has been allocated by the Democratic Senate Majority PAC towards the Montana Senate race.

This particular election holds great importance as it has the potential to determine which political party will gain control of the Senate.

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