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Mike Rowe Takes Aim at Harvards Woke ‘Segregation Ceremonies’

Mike Rowe strongly criticized Harvard’s decision to hold “segregation” celebrations, as the University announced that students would be able to commemorate “graduation day with a series of affinity celebrations.”

In a lengthy Facebook post, the “Dirty Jobs” host took a satirical jab at the prestigious Ivy League institution, questioning the idea of promoting diversity by encouraging separate celebrations for different groups.

Many individuals strongly criticized the former TV host’s remarks about Harvard, but Rowe responded with a compelling rebuttal, effectively debunking their arguments.

“These [affinity] celebrations allow students to separate themselves from each other based on their racial and ethnic identities, and then, celebrate graduation with their own kind,” Rowe said in the post.

“I’m old enough to remember when this was called ‘segregation,’ At Harvard, they call it ‘affinity.’ To be fair, Harvard’s website says these celebrations are not in lieu of the official graduation, and open to all students who pre-register. But the celebrations themselves are clearly labeled, and the invitees are hard to misconstrue.” he continued.

“We are likewise utterly disinterested in your star sign, your blood type, your eye color, or any other characteristic out of your control. We do however, care about your thoughts on personal responsibility, work ethic, delayed gratification, a positive attitude, and various other virtues we still believe can lead to a successful life and career. “ he concluded.

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