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Joe Rogan Slams ‘The View’ as ‘Rabies Infested Hen House’ During New Interview

During a conversation with author Coleman Hughes, who recently appeared on The View and had a heated exchange with co-host Sunny Hostin, Joe Rogan didn’t hold back in expressing his thoughts about the show and its hosts.

Hughes made an appearance on The View to discuss his book, End of Race Politics, and engaged in a spirited debate with Hostin regarding the influence of race in both culture and politics.

Hughes and Hostin engaged in a heated debate on various issues, such as the author’s alleged alignment with the right-wing or any previous self-identification as a conservative.

Hughes appeared as a guest on the popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where he discussed his time on The View. Rogan expressed some favorable remarks regarding the show.

Describing it as a “rabies-infested henhouse,” Hughes expressed his frustration at the relentless influx of messages he received following his appearance.

“It is the show that people love to hate. They get so much hate watching and so much hate watching viral clips of them saying ridiculous things. I mean, it is a rabies-infested henhouse.” Rogan said.

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