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Fox News Refuses Biden White House Demands that it Retract Critical Stories

Fox News has now firmly declined the request made by Biden administration officials to withdraw their coverage of the policy regarding Easter egg art at the White House’s annual holiday celebration.

The White House has been actively countering the coverage in conservative media regarding the Easter Egg Roll.

Several reports inaccurately stated that the administration implemented a new prohibition on religious symbols for egg designs, when in fact, this ban has been in effect for many years.

In an unusual turn of events, the administration recently commended The Daily Caller, a conservative website, for retracting a story.

The article in question claimed that the Biden White House prohibited children from submitting Easter eggs with religious themes for its Easter art contest on Monday.

Officials from the administration have expressed their concerns to the leadership of Fox News regarding certain stories published on the outlet’s website about the eggs.

The ongoing dispute between the White House and Fox News regarding Easter egg art is merely another incident in the strained relationship between the current administration and the highly-watched cable network.

Administration officials frequently challenge assertions made by prominent Fox hosts regarding the president, while Fox correspondents consistently question White House spokespeople about Biden’s mental sharpness, policies, and the controversies surrounding his son Hunter Biden.

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