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David Axelrod Claims Obama Doesn’t Want 2024 Race to be ‘Tag Team’ Contest

According to David Axelrod, former President Obama is not in favor of turning the 2024 presidential race into a “tag-team match.”

“It isn’t that customary for former presidents to be out there, actively campaigning, and Obama has done that because these are extraordinary times,”  Axelrod said during a recent CNN appearance.

“But if you watch what he’s done, he tends to get engaged in the fall when voters are engaged, and he tends to pick his spots because I don’t think he wants to be — he doesn’t want it to be a tag-team match.” he continued.

President Biden hosted a high-profile fundraiser in New York City on Thursday night, joined by notable figures such as Obama and former President Clinton.

All three individuals were guests on the popular “SmartLess” podcast, which is hosted by actors Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett.

The episode featuring their interviews will be made available to the public at a later time, as confirmed by the White House.

“You and I are paying rapt attention to this race, now. Most Americans are not. And they’re gonna start paying attention after the conventions, in the fall. That’s when the final arguments are gonna be made that are gonna turn this race.” Axelrod added.

In 2020, Obama showed his support for his former vice president by actively campaigning on his behalf.

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