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Princess of Wales Kate Middleton Announces Cancer Diagnosis

In a video message released by Kensington Palace on Friday, Catherine, Princess of Wales, revealed that she is currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

In the video, Kate Middleton, 42, expressed her surprise at the diagnosis, which came as a major shock following a challenging period.

Kate revealed that the cancer was discovered during post-surgery testing following a successful major abdominal procedure in January. The specific type of cancer was not mentioned.

Speculation surrounding Kate’s health and well-being has been rampant ever since she seemingly vanished from the public eye in late December.

On January 17th, Kensington Palace made an announcement regarding Kate’s successful recovery from a scheduled abdominal surgery.

Last month, news broke that King Charles III, aged 75, had received a cancer diagnosis, sending shockwaves through the royal family.

But there had been no recent news about Kate until a photo of her and her children – Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, and Prince George – was released on Mother’s Day in the U.K.

The photo was credited to her husband, Prince William. It was discovered that the photo had been manipulated.

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