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GOP Led State Passes New Immigration Bill Similar to One Being Challenged by Biden

A bill akin to the Texas immigration law that is presently embroiled in a legal dispute with the Biden administration is anticipated to be signed into law by Republican governor of Iowa Kim Reynolds.

Senate File 2340, a bill that would enable state law enforcement to detain illegal immigrants in the state who had previously been denied admission into the United States or deported, was passed by the Republican-led state House of Iowa on Tuesday, according to the Des Moines Register.

The ultimate vote total was 64-30, with three Democrats voting in favor of the proposal and every Republican voting against it.

Senate File 2340 is now headed to the governor’s desk after being previously approved by the state Senate.

In a statement on Tuesday, Reynolds stated that the bill will become operative on July 1st upon her signature.

A court would have to issue an order under the Iowa measure before someone found guilty of entering the nation illegally could be sent back to their native country.

In addition, if the individual was detained for a different offense, the bill would classify unauthorized entrance as a class C felony, which carries a maximum 10-year jail sentence.

Senate Bill 4, the Texas immigration law, is presently on hold until the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals hears arguments following a turbulent court struggle with the Biden administration.

Only hours after the Supreme Court on Tuesday let the law to go into effect while the legal matter is still pending, the appeals court put a halt on it.

The Texas statute might be again put on hold by the 5th Circuit since the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold it was not based on the merits of the case.

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