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REPORT: U.S. Now Sending 300 Million in Aide to Ukraine

The Biden administration announced an additional $300 million in ammunition and other weapons being sent to Kyiv as a temporary measure to strengthen Ukraine’s forces while Congress discusses a new aid package.

The Pentagon intends to allocate artillery rounds, rockets for Ukraine’s Himars launchers, antiaircraft missile, and antitank weapons.

These will be funded using the remaining budget from weapons contracts, which were originally intended to replace arms sent to Kyiv. Officials have confirmed this plan.

The new assistance package also includes extra shorter-range ATACMS missiles, according to an administration official. This particular version of the weapon boasts an impressive range of approximately 100 miles and is equipped with cluster munitions.

The United States has already supplied a limited number of missiles to Kyiv, and the decision to include more ATACMS, which stands for the Army Tactical Missile System, was not made public.

Surface-to-surface missiles can be fired by the Himars, or High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, launchers.

The recent military aid aims to provide temporary relief for Ukraine’s equipment shortages, which have played a role in their recent setbacks against Russian attacks.

Sullivan informed reporters that the assistance would be promptly delivered to Ukraine and could potentially support the country’s military for a limited period of time.

Ukraine has been urging the Pentagon to supply them with long-range ATACMS missiles.

These missiles have a range of over 180 miles and would enhance Ukraine’s capability to target Russian forces in Crimea, according to U.S. officials.

Pentagon officials had previously emphasized the importance of retaining all of the longer-range ATACMS to meet the military’s own requirements.

The Pentagon last offered military assistance to Ukraine in December, providing a $250 million package.

However, they stated that they would not send any further aid until they received additional supplemental funding from Congress.

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