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Megyn Kelly Savagely Mocks Don Lemon for Losing Deal With Elon Musk

Megyn Kelly blasted former CNN host Don Lemon on Thursday for losing his deal with Elon Musk after a controversial interview, suggesting that Lemon should have shown more appreciation towards the billionaire for helping him revive his career.

“Don Lemon got fired again already. He’s fired before he really got hired. It’s very hard for Don Lemon to keep a job.” Kelly said.

“Amazingly, Elon Musk offered him a deal to post a new show on X, and Elon Musk is a risk taker so I guess he thought this would be a fun risk. Just as risky, I guess, as like putting spaceships into outer space because it really was just that risky, Elon.” she continued.

“Don Lemon behaved like an asshole who was not grateful to Elon Musk for resurrecting his career,” Kelly added.

“It’s very hard for Don Lemon in his position to both be a good journalist and be a good employee. You know, the man’s paying your salary, so you do owe him a level of respect and discretion, and at the same time you want to prove to us in your first interview back how hard hitting you are, and those two goals are not aligned. So I don’t blame Elon for being mad at the way he was treated, which now Don is admitting it didn’t end well and Elon was pissed off when it ended.” she remarked.

By the way, reportedly, he just got like a $25 million payoff from CNN for that firing… Then Elon reportedly cut him a multi-million dollar deal, which he f*cked up right before he even launched the show, and now he’s claiming that his free speech– you’re not the victim! You’re not the victim! You’re not a victim in any way.” Kelly concluded near the end of the segment.

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