[Photo Credit: By U.S. Department of State from United States - Secretary Blinken Meets With Senator Romney, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=118367522]

Romney Claims There is Absolutely No Way He Would Ever Vote for Trump Over Biden

Senator Mitt Romney of Utah firmly stated that he would not support former President Trump in the upcoming election, citing concerns over Trump’s foreign policy stance and personal character.

“No. No, no, absolutely not,” Romney said angrily during a conversation with CNN anchor Kaitlin Collins.

Romney outlined that he is considering both policy and character when selecting a leader for the nation.

“What America is as a nation, what has allowed us to be the most powerful nation on Earth, and the leader of the Earth is the character of the people who have been our leaders. Past presidents, but also mothers, fathers, church leaders, university presidents, and so forth.” Romney remarked.

“Having a president who is so defaulted of character would have an enormous impact on the character of America,” he added. “And for me, that’s the primary consideration.” he continued.

Romney, a former presidential candidate in 2012 who won the GOP nomination, emphasized the importance of a candidate’s position and policies in his decision-making process.

Romney expressed his disagreement with GOP candidate Nikki Haley, the final contender against Trump in the 2024 GOP primary, who stated her doubts about the former president’s chances of winning against Biden in the general election.

He forecasted a potential victory for Trump in the current election scenario, emphasizing the significant impact it would have on our foreign policy.

“Yeah, I don’t necessarily agree with that. That’s a good campaign line, I’m sure. But I think he could win. I mean, today it’s kind of a toss-up. But if the election were actually held today, I think he’d probably win.” Romney said.

“I think that people around the world say, OK, America is no longer the leader of the free world and the arsenal of democracy. It’s not the shining city on a hill. It’s now an isolated island.” he concluded.

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