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Democrat NYC Mayor Proposes Scrapping ‘Sanctuary City’ Status as Migrant Crisis Grows

In a recent statement, Mayor Eric Adams of New York City expressed concern over the rise in crime committed by individuals residing in the city illegally.

He suggested the need to reconsider the city’s sanctuary status to allow local law enforcement to collaborate with federal immigration authorities in removing dangerous offenders.

“We should not be allowing people who are repeatedly committing crimes to remain here and we cannot collaborate with ICE in the process. Those who are committing crimes, we need to modify the sanctuary city law. If you commit a felony, a violent act, we should be able to turn you over to ICE and have you deported.” Adams said.

Adams commented on the incident where a group of violent individuals attacked two NYPD officers in New York City and were subsequently released because of the city’s sanctuary city policies.

Upon their release, they defiantly gestured at reporters with smirks on their faces.

The undocumented immigrants fled the state and were en route to California when they were apprehended and detained by federal authorities in Arizona.

Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell strongly criticized Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office for releasing the illegal aliens following the widely circulated video of the brutal attack on the police.

Adams’ comments on the necessity of adjusting the city’s sanctuary city laws coincide with a rise in illegal alien crime throughout the United States during President Joe Biden’s administration.

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