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Law Professor Claims Hunter Blew Father’s Legal Defense During Recent Interview

According to George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, Hunter Biden undermined his lawyer Abbe Lowell’s defense by openly discussing his sobriety with Axios.

“I think he [Biden] should worry less about democracy and more his liberty, I think the problem with his interview with Axios is that he blew away the suggested defense of his counsel, Abbe Lowell. Lowell suggested that he might argue that he was in a period of sobriety when he signed the statement falsely. He contradicts that and says that his first day of sobriety was actually the day before his father announced for president. It was the day of his wedding, that’s eight months after he signed that form.” Turley said during a recent Fox News appearance.

“So he doesn’t leave a lot of runway for the defense and the curious thing, Bret, is they appear to be moving towards either challenging the statute, this law that Joe Biden has championed, or adopting arguments from the NRA, arguing that his Second Amendment rights are being violated. Either way, it’s a rather otherworldly position for a Biden,” he continued.

Biden indicated that his sobriety is crucial in overcoming former President Donald Trump in the upcoming 2024 presidential election and securing the “future of democracy.”

The individual is currently charged with three counts related to making false statements and buying a Colt Cobra revolver in October 2018 while under the influence of drugs.

It was reported in July 2023 that the younger Biden declared in federal court that he has remained sober since June 1, 2019, as per Axios.

He first mentioned May 17, 2019, as the date he started his journey to sobriety, just before his father launched his campaign in Philadelphia.

Biden is scheduled to testify in a closed-door session before Congress on Feb. 28, following his uncle, James Biden, who recently testified in connection to House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry.

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