[Photo Credit: House Creative Committee]

Conservative Congressman Kicked out of Event Billed as Pro-Trump

Bob Good (R-VA) was thrown out of a pro-Donald Trump gathering in his home state after what was later described by an observers as a very embarrassing incident for the lawmaker.

Social media footage shows House Freedom Caucus chairman Good conversing with former local GOP chair and store owner Karen Angulo, who then instructs him to exit the event.

“We invited our State Senator John McGuire as a special guest because John has been a supporter of President Trump and never wavered, unlike Bob Good,” Angulo said in a statement addressing the incident.

“I repeatedly asked Bob to leave. Once he finally relented and left our store, Bob and his paid campaign staff stood out front for over four hours trying to block people from entering our store. The whole thing was very embarrassing behavior for anyone, let alone a sitting member of Congress.” she continued.

State Senator John McGuire (R-Virginalia), who is challenging Good for his seat, was present at the occasion and can be heard audibly engaged in conversation with an individual in the background of the Good video.

His previous presidential endorsement of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has diminished a portion of Good’s appeal among Trump supporters.

After DeSantis’s campaign was suspended, Good endorsed Trump.

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