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REPORT: Biden Admin Considering Putting Off It’s Electric Vehicle Push Over Dwindling Demand

The Biden administration is reportedly considering easing regulations regarding the transition of the nation to electric vehicles (EVs), according to sources familiar with the matter who were first quoted by The New York Times.

The proposed rule change by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would temporarily ease the stringent requirements for vehicle pollution.

As a result, automakers would be permitted to have a lower proportion of electric vehicles in their fleets by 2030 compared to the initial proposal put forth by the Biden administration.

Automobile manufacturers and labor unions would benefit from the rule change, which would give the industry additional time to improve its EV production and charging infrastructure prior to regulations encroaching on the gas-powered vehicle market.

Recent years have witnessed the expansion of the EV market, albeit not at the rate that some had predicted.

In 2023, a greater number of consumers replaced completely electric vehicles with hybrid automobiles. Seven percent of the market was devoted to EV sales last year.

This pales in comparison to the Biden administration’s optimistic forecasts for the future, which put electric vehicles (EVs) comprising as much as two-thirds of sales by 2032.

Last week, the Congressional Budget Office also raised its cost estimate for the Inflation Reduction Act, attributing this increase to an unexpectedly high number of Americans utilizing electric vehicle tax credits.

Additionally, a rule modification might alleviate the United Auto Workers union’s political apprehensions regarding the reelection campaign of President Biden.

The severe tailpipe standards, which the EPA first proposed last year, are so stringent that they would effectively require automakers to sell nearly zero-emission vehicles by 2030.

A resolution to repeal the regulation was approved by the House Republicans in December, and car dealers demonstrated in large numbers last month.

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