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CNN Host Threatens to Silence Republican From Texas During Tense Exchange

Rep. Beth Van Duyne (R-Texas) repeatedly interrupted CNN host Brianna Keilar on Thursday, prompting Keiler to threaten to end the interview early.

Keilar questioned Van Duyne on “CNN News Central” regarding a Senate measure that would have provided aid to Israel and Ukraine.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-La.) has criticized the measure for lacking provisions for border security, according to Keilar.

Van Duyne then mentioned House Resolution 2, a border security measure proposed by the Republicans, and stated that it would eliminate “catch and release,” or the humanitarian parole of migrants.

“Let me stop and ask you about this, a couple things. First off, illegal immigrants’ criminal conviction rate is 45 percent below that of native-born Americans in your state, just to be clear.” Keilar said.

“When you raise the specter of, ‘They create so many crimes, they’re convicted.’ I mean, when it comes to violent crimes, property crimes, homicides, sex crimes, you’ve talked in the past about rapes — the numbers just don’t support that. But let’s focus on ‘catch and release.’” they continued.

Subsequently, Keilar was interrupted by Van Duyne, which resulted in the two women speaking over one another.

Keilar the threatened to “cut off the interview” if Van Duyne would not allow her to speak, as the two candidates once more began to interrupt one another.

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