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Giuliani Claims Trump Owes Him Two Million Dollars

Rudy Giuliani testified in a Manhattan federal bankruptcy court that the Republican National Committee and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign owe him approximately $2 million for a fraudulent legal battle to overturn election results following the 2020 presidential election.

Wednesday marked the inaugural testimony of the former president’s former attorney regarding his financially precarious situation, almost two months after he initiated Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings following a $148 million defamation judgment stemming from his false statements during the election.

However, Mr. Giuliani has abstained from prosecuting the former president for allegedly unpaid legal fees.

Mr. Trump reportedly urged Mr. Giuliani to “take over” his campaign legal staff in November 2020, as an unsuccessful effort was launched by attorneys allied with Trump to overturn election results in states where he had lost.

He stated that he has never determined the exact amount he believes he is owed, but it is probably $2 million.

A jury last year found Mr. Giuliani liable for making a false allegation that election workers Shaye Moss, Ruby Freeman, and her daughter loaded a suitcase with illegitimate ballots into a vote-counting center, and that they used a flash drive to manipulate the results in order to secure Joe Biden’s victory.

Mr. Giuliani is ordered to pay $16.2 million in compensatory damages to Ms. Freeman and $16.99 million to Ms. Moss, in addition to $20 million each for intentional infliction of emotional distress and $75 million in punitive damages, according to the verdicts of the jurors.

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