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REPORT: Biden Obsessed With ‘Morning Joe,’ Regularly Asks Scarborough for Advice

Due to the frequency with which President Joe Biden watches Morning Joe on MSNBC, senior White House aides attempt to secure guest appearances at specific times on the program in order to exert influence over their boss.

Regarding the president’s media consumption, Alex Thompson uncovered numerous intriguing tidbits in his new Axios article “Inside Biden’s Obsession With Morning Joe.”

The report states that he also consults co-host Joe Scarborough for counsel via routine telephone conversations.

According to individuals with knowledge of the president’s relationship with co-host Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman who is now a harsh critic of Trump, the president frequently contacts Scarborough to get his opinion on issues and occasionally to vent about media coverage.

Biden has reportedly long inquired throughout the day whether his staff observed a particular segment, poll, or story that had been broadcast on the program.

He has engaged in off-the-record discussions with policy experts on behalf of show regulars.

Biden has sought advice from “Morning Joe” veterans including longstanding reporter Mike Barnicle, foreign policy expert Richard Haass, and historian Jon Meacham, who has provided assistance on multiple Biden speeches.

The report also noted that Vice-President Kamala Harris has a tendency to tune into Fox News and watch ‘The Five,’ a practice which reportedly gives her anxiety due to their relentless criticism.

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