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Peter Doocy Tells Fox & Friends ‘Trends May be Changing After New Poll Shows Biden Ahead

Peter Doocy, a White House correspondent for Fox News, stated on Fox & Friends that a recent Quinnipiac poll that places President Joe Biden six points ahead of former President Donald Trump may indicate the beginning of a new trend.

For several months, polling headlines have been dominated by surveys that provided positive information for Trump. However, a recently released Quinnipiac poll offers much-needed positive indications for Biden.

The president’s lead over Trump increased from a virtual parity in the previous poll to six points, with women and independents suddenly giving him enormous advantages.

“The trends here may be changing because President Trump, former President Trump, has been leading national poll after national poll over President Biden for the last couple of weeks, but not in this oneAnd maybe it’s an outlier. Maybe it’s not.” Doocy said.

” Quinnipiac has Biden up on Trump six points, 52-44. The Biden team has been trying to pivot to general election mode. They’ve been focusing on abortion access and on union jobs. And the Trump team has spent the last week or so dealing with his legal issues.” he continued.

Doocy further observed that although the new poll ranks Biden higher than Trump, it also indicates that Nikki Haley is performing better in her opposition to Biden than Trump.

“She has got him, according to Quinnipiac, by 547 to 42 nationally. But this is a matchup that’s unlikely to happen based on current polling. That puts Trump way ahead of her in primary states that she needs at the moment.” Doocy noted.

In addition Doocy also noted that the entrance of third party candidates seems to hurt Trump significantly more than Biden.

“Who do third-party candidates hurt? According to this poll, they hurt Trump. because both Biden and Trump lose support when polled against a major third party. But Biden still wins in this poll. And if RFK, JR. continues playing 14%, he is certainly going to be a spoiler for one candidate or another because that is a huge percentage of the voting public.” he concluded.

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