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Aide Accuses Florida GOP State Rep of Slapping Him

A staffer who is 25 years old has reportedly accused Florida Republican Representative Fabian Basabe of hitting him during an event that took place in January in Tallahassee.

Nicolas Frevola, the aide, stated that Basabe had been drinking prior to the alleged incident, which took place at a reception hosted by a large Tallahassee lobbying firm after the inauguration of Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Frevola stated that the alleged incident occurred at the reception.

Frevola gave an account of the incident to CBS News, saying Basabe “had been drinking and was mistaken about something that lead [sic] him to slap me in the face in front of other people in the room. He then told me to stand in the corner. I was so embarrassed that I did as he asked.”

Early in the month of April, Frevola reportedly informed a “senior elected official” about the alleged occurrence, and also filed a complaint with Human Resources.

The accusation has been refuted by Basabe.

Basabe also stated that he was ignorant of any inquiry into the allegations made against him about his actions.

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