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Joy Reid Caught on Hot Mic Slamming Biden Over ‘Starting’ New War

Inadvertently, Joy Reid, an employee of MSNBC, was caught using extremely vulgar language to slam a recent decision by President Biden.

Reid once criticized congressional Republicans who oppose the legislative accomplishments of President Joe Biden, only to later claim credit for the advantages their constituents’ states and districts enjoy. She then shifted her focus to Senate immigration discussions.

“Case in point– fixing what they say is a crisis at the border with congressional negotiators continuing work on a bipartisan deal to tie border policy changes to funding for Ukraine. Over the weekend, President Biden said he’s ready to take action if Congress is serious about solving the border issue.” The liberal MSNBC host said.

Trump is endeavoring to obstruct Senate deliberations on a comprehensive immigration and border security measure in order to campaign against Biden while critiquing the border situation.

The host presented excerpts from Biden’s speech delivered in Columbia, South Carolina, on Saturday. Reid spoke during the airing of the segments, ostensibly unaware that her microphone was still active.

“Starting another f*ckin’ war.” Reid said.

Reid returned to air approximately one millisecond after her microphone was disconnected.

Before the show ended, Reid was forced to apologize for the slip up.

“Before we go, I just want to apologize very quickly. I was chatting during a clip that was playing, and you know, we try to keep this show very PG-13, so I just want to apologize to anyone who was listening to my ‘behind the scenes’ chatter. I deeply, deeply apologize for that.” Reid said.

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