[Photo Credit: By Rep. Jamaal Bowman - https://twitter.com/RepBowman/status/1345885766178775040?s=20, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=98970665]

Liberal Rep Jamal Bowman Forced to Disavow His Own 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

Representative Jamaal Bowman (D-New York) expressed regret to the Daily Beast for having published an old 9/11 conspiracy theory poem on Monday. Bowman disavowed the poem he had previously written, which cited Alex Jones among other things.

William Bredderman, a senior researcher at The Daily Beast, disclosed on Monday that Bowman had published a 9/11 conspiracy theory poem on his blog in May 2011.

The poem referenced a documentary produced by Alex Jones, the founder of Infowars, among other sources.

Several lines of the poem, which Bowman penned during her tenure as an instructor at the Cornerstone Academy for Social Action in New York, seemed to convey skepticism regarding the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001.

“2001/Planes used as missiles/Target: The Twin Towers, Later in the day/Building 7/Also Collaspsed [sic]/Hmm…/Multiple explosions/Heard before/And during the collapse/Hmm…” the poem read.

“Allegedly/Two other planes/The Pentagon/Pennsylvania/Hijacked by terrorist [sic]/Minimal damage done/Minimal debris found/Hmm…” Bowman’s poem continued.

Bowman, who was censured by the House in December for setting off a fire alarm in Congress, issued a statement to the Daily Beast disavowing the poem.

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