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Hunter Biden Indicted, Report Reveals he Spent Lavishly Instead of Paying Taxes

Documents filed on Thursday in a federal court in Los Angeles reveal that Hunter Biden has been indicted on nine tax-related counts, including three felonies.

The allegations that the president’s son neglected to pay taxes, failed to file, evaded an assessment, and submitted a fraudulent form were detailed in the 56-page filing.

Six misdemeanor tax offenses were among the allegations brought by special counsel David Weiss, an individual appointed by Trump and having previously served as U.S. attorney in Delaware.

Weiss has been supervising the federal investigation pertaining to Hunter Biden.

The indictment, which appears to make no reference to President Biden or his former position as vice president, contends that Hunter Biden had multiple opportunities to remit his taxes by considering the funds he received for personal expenditures from an entertainment attorney with whom he maintained a personal relationship.

Additionally, the indictment alleges that Biden deceived his accountants into submitting tax returns containing items classified as business expenses, despite the fact that he was not conducting business at the time.

Additionally, specific payments that were allegedly misclassified as expenditures are detailed in the indictment. For instance, prosecutors allege that wired funds designated for a “golf member deposit” were actually utilized to “purchase a membership in a sex club.”

If convicted, the president’s son could potentially be sentenced to a maximum of seventeen years in prison.

Almost unbelievable figures are included on page 38 of the indictment, which details expense claims paid by Owasco, PC, and Hunter Biden’s bank account in lieu of paying taxes.

These particulars come to light in the midst of an ongoing inquiry into the purported “influence peddling” of Joe Biden.

The White House declined to comment in the wake of the indictment bombshell.

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