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Gold Bars Allegedly Used to Bribe Senator Bob Menendez Linked to Robbery in New Jersey

During a search of the residence of Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, the FBI reportedly uncovered a collection of gold bars that now appear to be associated with a 2013 burglary in which a codefendant is suspected of bribing him.

Evidently, the bars discovered by the FBI during a home search in connection with an investigation into federal corruption allegations are identical to those that were previously pilfered from the residence of his accomplice Fred Daibes.

Daibes informed law enforcement in 2013 that an intruder had stolen $500,000 in cash and 22 gold ingots from his Edgewater, New Jersey residence. Rapidly apprehending the perpetrators, the police returned the property to Daibes.

In exchange for his possessions, Daibes executed a property release form, which included the recording of the distinct serial numbers affixed to each gold bar.

The digits correspond to the four gold ingots discovered by the FBI in Menendez’s residence in Clifton, New Jersey.

As an illustration, the publication reports that Daibes allegedly misappropriated a Swiss Bank Corp. gold bar bearing the serial number 590005, which was subsequently restored to him.

In June, the FBI discovered the identical bar in Menendez’s residence.

In September, Menendez was indicted on corruption charges by a grand jury in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

The indictment stemmed from allegations that he received bribes presented by the Egyptian government.

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