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Former Top Obama Advisor David Axelrod Expresses Serious Doubts About Biden Running for Re-Election

Former President Barack Obama advisor David Axelrod publicly debated on Sunday whether or not Joe Biden ought to seek reelection in 2024.

After The New York Times published poll data showing former President Donald Trump leading Biden in five of the six major battleground states, Axelrod responded to the news by posting a series of postings on X that provided an analysis of the political landscape.

A number of people, including some of Biden’s allies, have urged him to think about withdrawing due to his low approval rating, negative polls in the event of a potential 2020 rematch with Trump, and concerns about his suitability to be president.

“It’s very late to change horses; a lot will happen in the next year that no one can predict & Biden’s team says his resolve to run is firm. He’s defied [conventional wisdom] before but this will send tremors of doubt thru the party–not ‘bed-wetting,’ but legitimate concern,” Axelrod said.

“The greatest concern is that his biggest liability is the one thing he can’t change. Among all the unpredictables there is one thing that is sure: the age arrow only points in one direction.” he continued.

At the end of his second term, Biden—who is currently the oldest president at 80—would be 86 years old.

His inclination to become distracted while speaking and instances captured on camera where he has stumbled or fallen have raised doubts about his capacity to lead successfully.

Axelrod was a key strategist for Obama’s two successful presidential campaigns and an advisor in the White House of Obama, while Biden held the position of vice president.

Axelrod has continuously expressed concern that Biden’s advanced age will become a political disadvantage despite their common past.

On Sunday, Axelrod repeated this action while praising the president-elect’s accomplishments.

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