English: Representative Adam Schiff reads the Articles of Impeachment against President Donald Trump in the opening of the impeachment trial in the United States Senate. [Photo Credit: United States Senate, Public Domain, Wikimedia]

REPORT: Adam Schiff Has Actually Been Living in Maryland for Years In Spite of Claiming to Represent California

Reportedly, California Democrat Adam Schiff has resided in Maryland for the past two decades, according to documents that surfaced on Wednesday.

CNN reported that Schiff designated his 3,420-square-foot Maryland property in mortgage documents as his primary residence. Reportedly, in order to reduce his $7,000 tax liability, the congressman also designated his 650-square-foot condo in Burbank, California, as his primary residence.

The outlet reported that Schiff did not claim an exemption on his Maryland residence.

Nevertheless, according to documents he allegedly signed, he designated both his Maryland and California properties as his primary residences.

Marisol Samayoa, a spokesperson for Schiff, asserts that the lawmaker resides primarily in California.

The outlet reports that Schiff paid his California property taxes in 2017 with a check bearing his Maryland address.

It has been reported that the congressman paid his obligations with a personal check exclusively in 2017.

CNN noted that images previously shared on his public social media accounts, in addition to public records and previous remarks, suggest Schiff’s primary residence is his Maryland property.

According to deed records, the Maryland residence was designated as Schiff’s primary residence in 2003 and from 2009 to 2012, following the congressman’s mortgage refinancing.

In January, Schiff declared his candidacy for a United States Senate seat representing California.

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