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DeSantis Reveals New Plan to Take on Communist China

In a recent interview from Japan, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reportedly stated that the United States needs a strong leader to deal with a communist China that is becoming more aggressive.

When questioned about his recent foreign trade mission abroad by Fox News presenter Sean Hannity, DeSantis made the comments.

“If you look at what [Chinese dictator] Xi Jinping has done, he is on the move around the world. And I think the fact that Biden has been very weak on the world stage is emboldening them to do even more.” DeSantis stated.

“I think we have someone like Xi Jinping, he responds to strength. And I think clearly, we don’t have a lot of strength under Biden. But I think fortifying our forces in the Pacific, I think we need more naval strength to be able to project power. And we cannot allow the CCP to produce every critical part of our economy. We rely on them for almost everything, we need to bring that back to America so we’re producing it here in the United States. And we’re not at the whim of the Communist Chinese.” he continued.

According to DeSantis, he is getting ready to approve legislation that will prevent China from purchasing property in Florida.

DeSantis asserted that the U.S. needs a strong leader if it is to prevent China from annexing Taiwan.

DeSantis said that announcements won’t be made until after Florida’s legislative session concludes in a few weeks when asked when he could make a presidential announcement.

Recent criticism from former President Trump, a current supporter and potential rival in the GOP primary, was dismissed by DeSantis.

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