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Oversight Committee Confirms Biden Received $40,000 From Family Right After Payment From Chinese Received

Shortly after a Chinese company sent money to the Biden family, President Joe Biden received $40,000 from his brother’s wife, according to bank documents released by the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday.

Despite years of denials, the payment is the second concrete piece of proof suggesting Joe Biden made money off his brother and son’s firm.

James Biden had formed a partnership that brought them and their partners millions of dollars while working with Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, on a commercial venture with the Chinese energy behemoth CEFC.

James Biden’s wife Sara seemed to write Joe Biden the $40,000 check, which she described as a loan repayment, soon after receiving a large infusion of cash from CEFC in August 2017.

In the months following Joe Biden’s resignation as vice president, the Biden family and their friends intended to launch a cooperative commercial venture with CEFC.

James and Hunter Biden, as well as former partners Rob Walker and James Gilliar, would jointly own half of the new business.

The remaining 50% of the business would be owned by CEFC chairman Ye Jianming.

Another former group business associate, Tony Bobulinski, was scheduled to head the venture as chief executive officer.

In an infamous email from May 2017, Gilliar suggested that Hunter Biden set aside an extra 10% stake for “the big guy.”

The Oversight Committee stated in its statement on the bank records that none of the Biden family accounts ever had enough money in them to complete that series of transactions without the Chinese assistance.

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