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PAC Funded by Soros Smears Black Republican as ‘Uncle Tom’

In Kentucky, a liberal Super PAC with billionaire George Soros as a key supporter, is now airing offensive advertisements against Republican Daniel Cameron.

Cameron claims his Democratic opponent ought to denounce the “racist and hateful” attacks that are being shown in advance of next month’s election.

Black Voters Matter Action PAC, an electioneering organization that spends millions supporting Democratic candidates, has released an advertisement calling Cameron “Uncle Daniel Cameron” and utilizing the black liberal catchphrase “Skinfolk ain’t kinfolk,” which implies that anyone who disagrees with them politically is a traitor to their race.

The Black Voters Matter Action PAC has poured money into Kentucky, one of the few states with significant elections scheduled for next month. In order to help Democratic governor candidate Andy Beshear, who is seeking reelection, the Super PAC has been actively involved in organizing events throughout Kentucky.

WMJM Magic 101.3, an R&B station in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, carried its advertisement.

The advertisement’s Super PAC has been involved in several southern states, but since 2020, it has garnered the greatest notice for its efforts in Georgia’s prominent U.S. Senate contests.

According to Federal Election Commission filings, George Soros, who has donated the organization over a million dollars through his Democracy PAC, is a significant source of funding for it.

Cameron has long been the target of racialized political criticism. A political cartoon that depicted Cameron as a member of the Ku Klux Klan ran in the Lexington Herald-Leader during his victorious 2019 campaign for attorney general.

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