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REPORT: Democrat Staffer Shared Messages Trying to Justify Hamas Terror Attack

Democratic Indiana Rep. Andre Carson’s aide shared messages supporting Hamas on her Instagram account after the terrorist group massacred more than 1,000 Israelis in an onslaught that started last Saturday.

According to her own LinkedIn page, Diala Qasem works as a senior legislative assistant for Carson, focusing on Muslim and Middle Eastern concerns.

“It’s no surprise when people living under occupation decide to resist. Because the truth of occupation, what happens when you continually oppress an entire ethnic population, gradually steal its land, and collectively imprison it in ghettos, is that eventually the population will fight back,” read a post shared by Qasem.

“What Gazans have done today is what Israel does in Palestinian villages on a weekly basis. As long as millions of free people around the world continue to breathe, the resistance will continue.” the post continued.

On Qasem’s Instagram story, several posts were published that showed support for and justification for the Hamas massacre of defenseless Israeli citizens, including the rape and execution of children.

The Palestinian people are engaged in a “indigenous freedom struggle,” according to another post that Qasem published.

Congressman Carson’s office did not respond to a request for comment in the story, which was originally broken by The Daily Caller.

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