[Photo Credit: By Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America - Vivek Ramaswamy, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=127284564]

Hannity Clashes With Ramaswamy in Brutal Fox News Interview

Sean Hannity gave Vivek Ramaswamy a hard time on Thursday night after the Republican presidential candidate attacked Nikki Haley.

Ramaswamy had previously spoke with Tucker Carlson on Tuesday and discussed the terrorist assaults against Israel last week.

“It is wrong what happened to Israel, and I call that out as a human being and as somebody who’s on a belief of some people are on the right side and the wrong side of a conflict. But the selective nature of ignoring certain other conflicts, while even more importantly ignoring the interests of the U.S. right here at home is what irritates the heck out of me.” Ramaswamy said to Carlson.

Ramaswamy went on to state his belief that Haley may financially benefit from the currently unfolding war in Israel and Gaza.

“I don’t think she’s a child. I think that she is somebody that like many politicians in a position to get wealthier from war.” he said.

Hannity went on to reference Ramswamy’s remarks as his show opened up.

“What you’re doing here is– saying about Nikki Haley, is you’re saying that her concern for Israel is driven by financial and a corrupting influence. And your explanation that there’s disproportionate focus on rape, kidnapping and murder of the Jewish people in this attack and they’re – and your quote, ‘that there are frankly financial and corrupting influences that lead them exactly to speak the way they do.’” Hannity said.

“Sean, that is a shameful mischaracterization,” Ramaswamy said in response.

“Hey, Vivek, wait a minute, stop right now. You do this in every single interview. You say stuff and then you deny it. You deny your own words. So, you know, why don’t you just own what you say and stand by it and stop playing these games?” Hannity said angrily.

“Sean, I am owning what I said. Where I differ from other candidates in this field is that I also believe that this is Israel’s decision to make. The U.S. should stand with Israel, but we need to be very careful not to enter a broader regional war in the Middle East.” Ramaswamy responded.

“I want an exact explanation for your exact comments that are there ‘frankly financial and corrupting influences that lead them exactly to speak the way that they do.’ What are financial corrupting influences that Nikki Haley is taking a position on? We’ve got pictures of dead babies decapitated, burned babies’ bodies. We’ve got the equivalent of what would be, population-wise in the U.S. over 37,000 dead Americans. So, how much more evidence do you need? What are you talking about?!” Hannity responded.

Ramaswamy then tried to doge the question, an evasion to which Hannity shouted “Answer the question!”

“Well, the fact of the matter is, I think anybody who has been a military contractor, anybody who has made $8 million including on serving on the board of Boeing collecting stock options while running for U.S. president on corporate boards, has made money for military contracting through a family business is disqualified from being the U.S. president in a time of war. I think we cannot see our march to World War III in this country.” Ramaswamy responded.

In addition, during the contentious interview with Hannity, the Republican presidential candidate effectively informed him that Tucker Carlson was a better interviewer than he was.

“One of the things I loved about that interview with Tucker was we were actually able to have a thoughtful conversation and go deep into issues rather than this kind of political got-you,” Ramaswamy said.

“I thought it was great. Listen, praise Tucker all you want. I like Tucker. I got along great with him. But here’s your problem, you go on these shows, people quote your exact words, and you deny your own words.” Hannity said in response.

“I’m enjoying this. You have been laughing about the fake news media how many times for the last several years? And now you’re buying the mainstream media narrative when you know how corrupt it is. This is a corrupt game. The super PAC puppets are a problem.” Ramaswamy shot back in conclusion.

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