[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

Jesse Watters Clashes With Anthony Weiner on air Over Trans Issues and Illegal Immigration

On Tuesday, former Democratic New York Rep. Anthony Weiner and Fox News anchor Jesse Watters reportedly got into a heated debate about the direction of the nation is headed in.

Watters questioned Weiner extensively about the Democrats’ efforts to reduce violence in metropolitan areas.

Weiner claimed that Democrats have developed a plan to increase the number of police officers on the streets. Democrats, in Watters’ response, “defunded the police.”

According to Weiner, crime has begun to drastically decline.

“Why do the Democrats have such a problem with crime?” Watters asked.

“We don’t like crime,” Weiner said in response.

“You think Rudy Giuliani did a good job against crime? It’s 40% lower than it was the year he left.” he continued.

“They’re not being enforced,” Watters said in response.

Watters then enquired about transgender concerns with Weiner.

Weiner scoffed, asserting that the American people don’t actually care about it and citing the unsuccessful presidential bid of Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as support.

“You guys say you’re conservatives. You really think the government should be involved with this?” Weiner asked in response.

Weiner concurred that parents ought to be heard in the transgender discussion but insisted that politicians were to keep out of it. He suggested that local school boards be used to address the problem.

Weiner once more used DeSantis’ sagging poll results as evidence that politicians ought to avoid the subject.

Watters questioned Weiner about if the president agrees with DeSantis’ assertion that kids should participate in sports that correspond to their biological sex.

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