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Joe Scarborough’s Reveals That, Off the Record, Every Democrat he Speaks to is Worried About Biden’s Age

Joe Scarborough reportedly provided extremely illuminating insight into the discrepancy between what Democrats are saying off-air and in private about President Joe Biden.

In a recent Washington Post column, David Ignatius urged Vice President Kamala Harris and Former Vice President Joe Biden to drop their plans to run for office in 2024, citing recent poll results that seriously raise doubts about their capacity to defeat former President Donald Trump, who he believes to be the only real issue at play.

Ignatius appeared on the show to discuss his column with the hosts of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe.’

Co-host Mika Brzezinski pressed Ignatius to provide a better candidate to replace Biden, to which he conceded he could not name that person.

Brzezinski wasn’t happy with Ignatius’s position though.

“I think it comes down to what we were talking about earlier is Joe Biden, the person who can stop Donald Trump, or somebody like Trump who gets the Republican nomination? That’s what he’s got to — He’s got to look in the mirror, search his soul and make that decision. And I wanted to raise that question. I’d like him to think that through carefully because I have my concerns.” Ignatius said in response to Brzezinski’s skepticism toward his position.

“Just to answer David’s question. Mika and I, everybody, we talk to, every political discussion, all it talks a lot about Trump, but when it comes to Joe Biden, people say, ‘Man, he’s too old to run. He’s, and I mean, he’s not going to; he’s not really going to run…’” Scarborough said.

“When I say every discussion, I don’t mean 99% of the discussion. Every discussion. I asked Reverend Al if he was hearing it all the time on our show this past week. He’s hearing it as well.” he continued.

“So, you know, we often will complain about Republicans who will say one thing about Donald Trump off the air and another on air. Well, let me just say, Democrats, off the air, will say ‘Joe Biden’s too old. Why is he running.’ On the air? They won’t say that.” he added.

“So, I commend David for at least raising the question. I mean, my question, of course, Willie, is who could do a better job as president? Is Joe Biden and who can beat Donald Trump? I don’t see a lot of Democrats out there. I don’t see any Democrats out there right now that could do that.” he concluded.

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