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Christian Non-Profit Files Lawsuit After Allegedly Being ‘De-Banked’ Due to Conservative Religious Views

This Monday, a Christian ministry claiming to have been “debanked” by Bank of America reportedly filed a lawsuit with Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti to find out whether their accounts were closed as a result of discrimination on the basis of their religion.

Without providing any further details, Bank of America informed Indigenous Advanced Ministries in April that the nonprofit organization was “operating in a business type we have chosen not to service at Bank of America” and would be shut down within 30 days.

Indigenous Advanced Ministries is a Memphis, Tennessee-based charity that works with orphaned children in Uganda through a number of partnerships.

According to reports, the ministry has kept two accounts with the bank since 2015.

According to the ministry’s website, it supports pro-life principles and holds that marriage should only be between one man and one woman.

One of these stories is about the ministry, and the other is about a Memphis-based church that supports the ministry’s projects as well as other international missions.

Indigenous Advanced Ministries repeatedly asked Bank of America for an explanation of its impending closure, according to Jeremy Tedesco, president of the nonprofit legal firm Alliance Defending Freedom, who is defending the organization.

Tedesco told Fox News Digital that his client’s requests were ignored.

Before switching to a different bank, the ministry’s deposit account held $270,000 at the time, according to them.

According to the ministry’s consumer complaint, Bank of America may have broken both internal “Code of Conduct” policies and consumer protection legislation.

This guideline stipulates that decisions made regarding customer accounts must take into account “diversity and inclusion,” including religious diversity.

According to the ministry, the abrupt closing of the account forced them into a scramble, postponed their planned mission trip to Uganda in June, and momentarily affected wage payments there.

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