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Nancy Mace Slams DeSantis for Signing Pro-Life Heartbeat Law

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) reportedly criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for approving a heartbeat law that safeguards young children’s life as soon as a heartbeat is discovered.

Despite the bill’s signing being highly publicized by the governor’s office, Mace objected to it, saying it took place “in the dead of night.”

“Signing a six-week ban that puts women who are victims of rape and girls who are victims of incest — incest in a hard spot isn’t the way to change hearts and minds. It’s not compassionate. The requirements he has for rape victims are too much, not something that I support. It’s a nonstarter.” Mace claimed.

“I am a victim of rape. I was raped by a classmate at the age of 16. I am very wary. And the devil is always in the details. But we’ve got to show more care and concern and compassion for women who’ve been raped. I don’t like that this bill was signed in the dead of night.” she continued.

“And it puts him in a very difficult position for a general election in my opinion, which is why I have been so vocal on this issue. I would like us to win. I would not only like us to win the Electoral College. I want us to win the popular vote. And if we can show the middle ground, which shouldn’t be controversial — birth control shouldn’t be controversial.” Mace added.

Some conservatives have expressed concern about DeSantis’ decision to sign such a strident piece of pro-life legislation into law, wondering if it might harm his chances of becoming a successful politician in the future.

However, some well-known conservative commentators quickly pointed out online that other Republican governors who had signed comparable legislation into law had not suffered political repercussions as a result.

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