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Former AG Bill Barr Announces He Still Might Vote For Trump Despite his Criticism of Him

In a new lengthy interview on Thursday, Bill Barr, the former attorney general under Donald Trump who has since become a vocal opponent, reportedly spoke with Neil Cavuto of Fox News.

Barr was questioned on whether or not he would still contemplate voting for Trump in the general election after tearing apart former President Donald Trump’s legal defenses in the two federal charges against the GOP 2024 frontrunner, which Barr made clear was still a possibility.

Beginning the interview, Barr made it apparent that he thought the Florida case against Trump involving the preservation of secret materials was well-organized and likely to result in a conviction.

Then, Cavuto questioned Barr for his opinion on the federal case brought against Trump for attempting to rig the 2020 election.

“In my opinion, he did cross the line. It wasn’t just rough and tumble politics. He crossed the line,” Barr stated.

“When did he cross it for you?” Cavuto replied.

“I think the federal case is good. I mean, it is responsible because it really focuses on the hub of the issue, which is not just the lies and knowing they were lies and that’s what they allege, but the fact that he used this device of empaneling impostor electors, swearing that they were the electors. But the key point there was they were in tandem with a plan whereby the vice president would use that as a pretext for nullifying the legal and certified votes. So it was a calculated and deceitful plan to remain in office by nullifying and negating certified legal votes,” Barr responded.

Later in the interview, after repeatedly condemning Trump and declaring that the former president would not be receiving any of his support, he hinted that, if the circumstances were right he may still consider voting for him.

“Would you just not vote for president?” Cavuto asked.

“No, if one of two people is going to do it, I would have to make that bitter choice. But if there are other options,” Barr said.

“But, it’s conceivable Bill Barr could vote for Donald Trump?” Cavuto then asked again.

“Well, as I said, I’d jump off that bridge when I get to it,” Barr said in conclusion.

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