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Democrat Rep. Turns on Far-Left Over Student Debt Relief ‘Handouts’

Rep. Jared Golden (D-ME), a centrist, reportedly attacked individuals who criticize him for opposing student debt relief in a social media post, branding them “radical left extremists” who don’t understand regular people.

The Blue Dog Coalition, a collection of moderate Democrats who frequently criticize liberal initiatives, has Golden as co-chairman.

Sadly, this is what radical leftist elites are learning about ‘democracy’ these days — silence and destroy anyone who disagrees with your views or goals. I stand by my vote and my opposition to forking out $10,000 to people who freely chose to attend college. They were privileged to have the opportunity, and many left college well-situated to make six figure salaries for life. The Twitterati can keep bemoaning their privileged status and demanding handouts all they want.” Golden wrote in his post.

He was one of two Democrats who joined Republicans in May to vote against President Joe Biden’s executive order on student loan relief, which the Supreme Court eventually invalidated.

Golden retaliated after being criticized by a regional Maine news source for his Friday vote against student loan relief.

He continued by advising people to join a union and get an apprenticeship if they wanted a career and skills without incurring college debt from attending a university.

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