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AOC Claims, Without Evidence, That Women Will be Forced to Undergo Humiliating Exams if Biological Men Barred From Female Sports

New York Democratic “Squad” Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez asserted that “all” underage girls would be subject to “genital examinations” if biological males were excluded from women’s sports.

Ocasio-Cortez presented her argument during the House Oversight Subcommittee on Health hearing on Tuesday, which also included Riley Gaines, an advocate for women’s athletics and an NCAA swimming legend.

The New York Democrat stated that several proposals aim to “marginalize” transgender Americans before alleging that women would be required to have their pants checked if their stated gender is disproven.

“We are talking about opening up all women and girls to genital examinations when they are underage, potentially just because someone can point to someone and say, I don’t think you are a girl,” Cortez claimed.

“And we’re saying this in an environment of a post-Dobbs America, where states are criminalizing access to abortion and want nothing more than data on women to figure out when, who’s getting a menstrual cycle, who doesn’t have one, and we’re supposed to believe this is going to make us better and safer?” she continued.

Ocasio-Cortez’s assertion arrives nearly a year subsequent to the Ohio state Senate’s withdrawal of a contentious clause from a state House proposition that would have mandated “internal and external” examinations to verify the gender of a student-athlete and prohibited biological males from competing against women.

“I think not, and, per usual, I don’t believe we’re sitting here on a panel of men that has actually thought about the biology and privacy consequences of all women, trans or cisgendered,” she concluded.

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