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Chris Wallace Predicts Any Third Party Presidential Bid Would Help Trump

A campaign by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) or Cornell West, according to CNN host Chris Wallace, will benefit former President Donald Trump and will hurt Joe Biden.

Laura Coates, the presenter of CNN Primetime on Wednesday night, presented a clip of Manchin being questioned about his travel to New Hampshire and questioned Wallace about how a third-party candidate might influence President Biden’s chances.

“Chris, what do you make of this consideration? I mean, David Axelrod recently warned that a third party candidate could very well hurt President Biden’s chances for re-election.” Coates asked Wallace.

“Well, in the last segment, we were talking about Ronna McDaniel not getting a yes-or-no answer. We didn’t get one from Joe Manchin either.” Wallace responded.

“Look, a third party candidacy, and he’s talking about doing that on the no-labels banner potentially, you’ve got Cornell West talking about doing it in the green party. Remember, back in 2020, Joe Biden won some of these key swing states. I think it was Georgia by 11,000 votes, Arizona by 10,000 votes. If you get Joe Manchin on the ballot, if, if you get Cornell West on the ballot.” he added.

“And I think most people would think that they would draw more votes from Biden than they would from Trump, then this is — you know, it’s a three-person, a four-person race, this absolutely hurts Joe Biden and increases the chances for Donald Trump if he’s the Republican nominee, whoever the Republican nominee, of actually taking a lot of those swing states. So, it’s a very big deal. And if you’re in the Biden White House, this has got to scare the heck out of you.” Wallace concluded.

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