[Photo Credit: By Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America - Tucker Carlson, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=98022685]

Tucker Carlson Claims He Made a Huge Mistake ‘Getting Involved in Politics’

In November 2022, Tucker Carlson reportedly said that it was “a huge mistake” for him to chose to get engaged in American politics. He also noted that he had no intention of participating in the forthcoming Republican or Democratic primaries.

The “Stay Free With Russell Brand” podcast edition from Friday included Carlson’s first interview since leaving Fox News. When Brand questioned Carlson on his current relationship with former president Donald Trump, Carlson made it plain he would not be discussing the specifics of the 2024 race.

“Well, I love Trump, personally. I mean I made a huge mistake last November in getting involved in American politics. Something I’ve never done before, in making calls [about who was going to win in various states.]” Carlson said during his appearance.

“And I was wrong on almost every call. I’m not a very astute political analyst. I’m not interested in politics. I never have been interested in politics. I’m interested in ideas. I’m interested in people. And so there’s a primary going on in the United States between Trump and a bunch of other people, primarily [Florida Gov.] Ron DeSantis … but others, Vivek Ramaswamy for example.” he continued.

“I haven’t said word one about it, don’t plan to. I think looking back on this ten years from now, assuming we’re still around, I think we are going to see Trump’s emergence as the most significant thing to happen in American politics in 100 years because he reoriented the Republican party against the wishes of Republican leaders.” Carlson added.

The former Fox News anchor added that when it comes to how he currently thinks about Trump, the former president’s “foreign policy views,” particularly with regard to the Ukraine war, are what set him apart from the competition.

Later, Carlson informed the presenter that while he “hopes” that both Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is challenging President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary, would win their respective parties’ primaries, it will be “tough” for them to win.

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