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Two-Thirds of California Voters Claim Senator Diane Feinstein No Longer Fit for Office

According to a new survey, more than two-thirds of California voters believe Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is unqualified to hold office in the Senate.

According to a survey done by the Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley, 67% of the state’s registered voters believe that Feinstein’s most recent illness, which has rendered her wheelchair-bound, renders her unsuitable for office.

Additionally, a majority (42%) agreed she should resign when asked whether she should.

In addition, 27% of respondents thought Feinstein should continue serving in the Senate until the conclusion of her tenure in 2025, while 31% were unsure.

7,465 registered voters were questioned between May 17 and May 22 via random emails in both English and Spanish.

After getting shingles and developing Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which can result in facial paralysis and hearing loss, Feinstein, 89, missed weeks of Senate voting.

Additionally, she experienced encephalitis, which causes the brain to enlarge.

Feinstein was in a wheelchair when she eventually went back to work two months after hiding out at her California house.

But she and her employees insist that everything is OK.

A staff photographer for The Los Angeles Times said on Wednesday that he was “shouted at” as he attempted to take a picture of Feinstein.

The photographer also said that Feinstein is being shielded from the media by Senate security.

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