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Trump Blasts Fox News for Allegedly ‘Pushing’ DeSantis

Clearly irate that the network hasn’t ruled out the idea that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may oppose him for the Republican nomination in 2024, former president Donald Trump reportedly lashed out at Fox News once more.

“Just watching Fox News. They are sooo bad, just like the Globalist Wall Street Journal and the now, way down, New York Post. They are desperately pushing DeSanctimonious who, regardless, is dropping like a rock. He’s even down 20 points in Florida, which was third worst in Covid, & where I got 1.2 million more votes than he did. RINO Mark Thiessen, a Bush flunky, is constantly on pushing DeSanctus, giving bad info. Even said I ‘lost Iowa last time around,’ I won BIG. He sucks, & so does FoxNews!” Trump wrote on his TruthSocial platform.

Trump continued to criticize Fox News, complaining about both Tucker Carlson’s termination (who had previously blasted the former president in private) and Fox’s $787.5 million deal with Dominion Voting Systems.

“Page 2: Fox News is way down in the Ratings. After firing Tucker Carlson and refusing to fight against a VERY Corrupt and Rigged 2020 Presidential Election, which just cost them plenty of money, prestige, and RATINGS, they are a far cry from what they used to be. FoxNews has become the DeSanctimonious Network, but it will never work because he doesn’t have the goods. Without my Endorsement, he was a dead man walking. Even with Fox, he’s already pretty close to that again!” Trump continued.

Apparently, a segment related to billionaire Mark Thiessen was what enraged Trump.

Dana Perino questioned Thiessen on DeSantis’ weekend trip to Iowa as Trump postponed a rally in Des Moines due to tornado warnings when he was on America’s Newsroom.

When the weather fears subsided, DeSantis made a surprise outdoor appearance in Des Moines, and Fox showed a portion of his address in which he warned that Republicans will lose in 2024 “if we get distracted” by previous elections and other side issues.

In response, Thiessen pointed to another passage from DeSantis’ remarks.

Thiessen continued by praising DeSantis’ remarks as well as claiming the he would make a formidable presidential candidate.

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