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Prosecutor Kim Gardner Backed by Soros Resigns Over Criminal Case and GOP Attacks

Kimberly M. Gardner, the far-left prosecutor in St. Louis who is supported by Democratic megadonor George Soros, reportedly announced her resignation on Thursday.

She had been under pressure to step down from her position by the state’s Republican attorney general and was being investigated for criminal contempt for failing to perform her duties.

The date of her resignation is June 1, 2023.

“Unfortunately, since the time I took office, as the first Black, female prosecutor in the State, people outside of the city have targeted me and, to advance their goals, have also targeted the fundamental rights of the city’s voters,” Gardner claimed in a statement.

She lamented that the campaign to have her removed from office matched Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ choice to have a state attorney with Soros support removed last year. Last Monday, a Florida state attorney who receives funding from Soros said she anticipates DeSantis ousting her from office soon.

“This most recent bill is a part of a coordinated, long-standing strategy to undermine me and my efforts to make the City of St. Louis safer and fairer. Since day one of my tenure as Circuit Attorney, I have experienced attacks on my reforms, on my judgment, on my integrity, on my prosecutorial discretion, on my responsibility to direct the limited resources of this office and more.” she continued.

The only governor to remove a Soros-supported prosecutor from office was DeSantis.

Gardner presented herself throughout her speech as a victim on several occasions.

As a result of Gardner and Assistant Circuit Attorney Chris Desilets’ persistent absences from court, Missouri Judge Michael Noble announced last week that he was assigning a special prosecutor to develop a criminal contempt case against them.

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