[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

REPORT: Trump’s Battle Plan Against DeSantis Revealed

According to a new report from Trump world insiders, former President Donald Trump would criticize Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for allegedly being the epitome of the political establishment and a war hawk on Ukraine.

DeSantis has yet to declare a presidential bid in 2024, but Trump has already launched a barrage of comments about why the Florida governor would not be the appropriate pick for president.

Trump went on to dub him Ron DeSanctimonious and suggested that a presidential run by DeSantis would be a mistake.

Trump’s rhetoric against DeSantis will continue to emphasize that the governor is part of the establishment since he does not distinguish himself from other Republicans in the field and takes on topics that do not demand bravery, according to a source close to the Trump team.

Regarding Ukraine, Trump will promote the fact that he is the only Republican contender who has offered a plan of constructive discussions between Ukraine and Russia, according to a Trump campaign operative.

Trump has also boasted that he can end Russia’s conflict in Ukraine in 24 hours.

According to individuals close to Trump, Trump’s foreign policy strategy will also include his stance on tariff increases, something DeSantis and most other candidates have not yet discussed.

Besides from identifying himself on foreign policy and as a political outsider, Trump intends to criticize DeSantis’ COVID-19 reaction, earlier moves on Social Security and Medicare, and personal assaults on the governor.

For his part DeSantis has now yet commented on Trump’s continuous verbal attacks on him.

The popular Florida governor has yet to officially announce that he is running for the presidency in 2024, however he is widely expected to announce after the end of Florida’s legislative session later this summer.

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