[Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore]

Transgender Former Biden Official Takes Plea Deal to Stay out of Jail Over Luggage Theft Charges

Samuel Brinton, a disgraced former employee of the Biden Energy Department, reportedly entered a “no contest” plea this week after being captured on camera reportedly stealing bags at the Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport.

In November of last year, Brinton came under criticism for allegedly snatching a woman’s baggage in Minneapolis. Brinton previously made headlines for his drag attire and online boasting about his puppy role-play obsession while serving in the federal government.

Just before 4:30 p.m., he allegedly arrived at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport on an American Airlines flight from Washington, D.C. The lawsuit claims that Brinton did not check a bag, suggesting he had no intention of doing so once he arrived.

According to the lawsuit, Brinton rode an Uber from the airport to the InterContinental St. Paul Riverfront and checked in with the blue luggage.

On September 18, two days after leaving MSP, Brinton returned and boarded a plane bound for Washington, D.C. with the same suitcase.

The suitcase belongs to a female traveler who arrived at the MSP airport on a Delta aircraft from New Orleans, according to records and video footage.

The same day Brinton allegedly took the suitcase, the woman reportedly alerted authorities that her bag and its contents, worth at around $2,325, had vanished from the baggage claim area.

According to the federal complaint, Brinton was seen arriving from Europe with the luggage on October 9 over three weeks later, as shown on video surveillance footage from Virginia’s Dulles International Airport.

In exchange for agreeing to pay the victim more than $3,500 in reparations, Brinton was given a 180-day jail term that was suspended, indicating that if he stays out of trouble, he won’t have to spend any time in jail. In December, a warrant for Brinton’s arrest was issued for grand theft with a value of between $1,200 and $5,000.

According to the article, Brinton was first charged with a felony since police thought the amount was $3,670, but he later pled “no contest” to misdemeanor theft, which is defined as an amount less than $1,200.

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