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AOC Claims She Will Draft Letters of Impeachment for Clarence Thomas if Others Refuse to

On Thursday, Democratic Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez of New York reportedly volunteered to write articles of impeachment against Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas if no one else in her party does so.

Ocasio-Cortez stated that the recent report revealing Thomas’s close ties to a billionaire, whom he went on family vacations with, goes far beyond what is acceptable for a democracy, and that his position on the court is an emergency and a crisis.

Ocasio-Cortez said that the recent report revealing Thomas’s close ties to a billionaire, whom he went on family vacations with, extends “

“Congress is out of session for the next week, and so that does give Democrats some time to strategize. The way I feel about it is that, I do think articles need to be introduced. If we decide strategically that the actual author of those articles and who introduces them may not be me, that’s fine, I will support impeachment. But I just think that if no one’s going to introduce it, I would certainly be open to doing so and drafting them myself. I think this has gone far, far beyond any sort of acceptable standard in any democracy, let alone an American democracy.” Cortez said during a recent podcast appearance.

An inquiry revealed that Thomas’s strong association with real estate mogul Harlan Crow extended to costly gifts and pricey family trips that were not disclosed by Thomas, despite the fact that the activities and things were expensive.

The alleged trips included transportation on a private plane and boat, as well as complimentary stays in vacation properties owned by Crow.

On Friday, Thomas issued a statement in which he acknowledged their connection but asserted that their relationship with Crow was purely personal and not business-related.

A recent scandal involving the Thomases and Ginni Thomas, who is Thomas’s wife, has infuriated Democrats.

The alleged scandal stems from the fact that Ginni Thomas sent text messages to Mark Meadows, who at the time was the chief of staff for former President Donald Trump, in which she urged Meadows to contest the results of the presidential election in 2020.

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