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Greta Thunberg Decides to Delete 2018 Tweet She Sent Claiming World Would End by 2023 Because of Fossil Fuels

Greta Thunberg, an activist for the environment, has reportedly now deleted a tweet that she posted in 2018 predicting that climate change would wipe out civilization if the world did not stop using fossil fuels by the year 2023.

A Swedish activist had tweeted a link to an article on gritpost.com that described a warning given by a professor at Harvard University named James Anderson.

Anderson had stated that if the burning of fossil fuels was not stopped within the next five years, mankind will cease to exist.

An expert in atmospheric chemistry named Anderson was cited in an essay that was published on gritpost.com, a website that no longer exists. In the article, Anderson predicted that there would be “basically zero” ice left in the Arctic by the year 2022.

The environmentalist has been subjected to mockery from a number of prominent conservatives in response to the apparent gaffe.

While the quantity of ice in the Arctic has substantially decreased in recent years – Anderson’s prediction has not come to fulfillment.

Thunberg has not yet provided an explanation as to why she removed the tweet, although she is expected to do so soon.

In the past, Thunberg has addressed world leaders at major events such as the United Nations Climate Action Summit and the World Economic Forum, calling on them to take urgent action to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change.

She has also led marches and rallies in major cities around the world in the name of raising awareness about the threat climate change allegedly poses to humanity.

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