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Liz Cheney Gets Rewarded With Professorship at Major University

According to the institution’s Twitter account, former Republican Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney will now reportedly become a professor of practice at the University of Virginia’s Center For Politics.

According to the Center For Politics, Cheney will provide guest lectures in both classrooms and events, as well as participate in academic research.

Her current post is just for the fall semester, however it can be extended for several years if the university chooses.

Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, was defeated in the August Wyoming primary by Rep. Harriet Hageman, who was prominently backed by former President Donald Trump.

She was a key member of the Jan. 6 Committee and voted to impeach former President Donald Trump alongside nine other Republicans.

After her defeat in Wyoming, Cheney formed The Great Task, a political action committee. She allegedly founded the PAC to block Trump from re-election.

Cheney has also been a vocal supporter of U.S. military interventions in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2002, she worked for the State Department and was a member of the team that created the Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism.

She later served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs from 2005 to 2006, during which time she advocated for the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

During her time in Congress, Cheney consistently supported the U.S. military’s presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2014, she criticized President Barack Obama for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq, arguing that it would destabilize the country and make it easier for terrorist groups to operate.

She also supported the Trump administration’s decision to increase the number of troops in Afghanistan.

Cheney has been a strong advocate for maintaining a robust U.S. military presence in the Middle East and has been critical of efforts to reduce U.S. involvement in conflicts in the region.

In 2019, she also opposed President Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria.

Cheney remains a controversial figure and has been the subject ire from other conservatives including former President Trump and Fox News host Tucker Carlson, both of whom have criticized her as a ‘warmonger’ and ‘RINO.’

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