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Biden Slammed For Bizarre Claim About Growing up in Polish Community

On Tuesday, Twitter users reportedly slammed President Biden after he boasted about growing up in a Polish village while touring the nation.

Biden met with Polish President Andrzej Duda to discuss the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which is now in its second year. At a press conference, the president recalled his personal ties to Poland, stating that his boyhood home was in a Polish town.

“I was, as a young man, I was born in a coal town of Scranton, Pennsylvania, northeastern Pennsylvania, in an Irish Catholic neighborhood. Then when coal died, we moved down to Delaware, to a town called Claymont, Delaware, which was a working-class town, but everybody in town was either Polish or Italian. I grew up feeling self-conscious my name didn’t end in an S-K-I or an O,” Biden claimed.

“But all kidding aside, the connection between — I was telling the president, the pride, the overwhelming, demonstrable pride that Polish Americans feel about Poland and the role you are playing now, we were talking about it, it is extreme. It is. You would be — if you haven’t seen it, you should come and see it.” he continued.

Numerous social media users noted that Biden has regularly claimed to have grown up in different communities depending on where he lives, most notably the Puerto Rican community.

 “We have a very… large Puerto Rican population in Delaware. I was sort of raised in the Puerto Rican community at home, politically.” Biden said while visiting Puerto Rico in the fall of 2022.

Moreover, Biden has regularly claimed to have visited a Black church as a youth, despite the fact that veteran attendees maintain they never saw him.

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