[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

Conservative Star James O’Keefe Reportedly Now on Paid Leave From Project Veritas Amidst Internal Conflict

According to a recent New York magazine story citing current and former workers, Project Veritas founder and chairman James O’Keefe is currently on paid leave, with the organization’s board considering removing him from a leadership role.

According to the article, Project Veritas staff received an internal communication from the organization’s executive director, Daniel Strack, stating that O’Keefe was taking some well-deserved paid time off.

The communication was supposedly viewed by the publication and corroborated afterwards by a current Project Veritas employee.

The claimed communication indicated that the organization was in a “distracting phase,” stating that two Project Veritas executives who were supposedly sacked by O’Keefe had been reinstated.

According to another story, one-third of the company’s employees filed an internal document stating that O’Keefe was particularly cruel to staff.

According to New York magazine, a source within the business states that Project Veritas is divided between board members and workers. The board of directors is said to be displeased with O’Keefe’s administration, while a subset of staff remains loyal to the founder.

Many conservative influencers showed their support for O’Keefe on social media after the news broke:

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