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Megyn Kelly Blasts CNN For Considering Comedian for Prime Time Host

Megyn Kelly, a former Fox News presenter and conservative commentator, reportedly made light of the thought of CNN hiring a comedian or other performer to headline a show during prime time this week.

“It would be amazing if in this era where they think they’re appeasing Republicans and trying to get Republican viewers and independent viewers to come back to them by hiring some Republican contributors … that then they give two hours of their prime time to John Stewart? See how that works out with the people you’re trying to win back, OK? You’ve been warned … see how that works out. It’s not going to go very well.” Kelly said during a new episode of her podcast ‘The Megyn Kelly Show’

CNN’s new president, Chris Licht, is reportedly considering a variety of options to revamp the network’s prime time programming.

Options which include hiring a comedian to host a show on the network.

A move which would be a significant departure from the network’s traditional nightly lineup of news and analysis shows.

Licht is known to be interested in Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah, and Bill Maher.

Kelly, a former Fox News and NBC anchor, has repeatedly blasted CNN for years its bias against Republicans and conservatives, as well as for having low ratings in comparison to other cable networks.

Licht has repeatedly said in a number of public statements that he would like to change the perception that the network is biased against conservatives.

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